Mum and Bomber moved to Kiama when they retired. Kiama is approximately 130KM south of Sydney, its a picturesque town that is resisting the development pressures of urban sprawl from Sydney and Wollongong.

Stern Tie Up - Kiama Harbour has two public moorings that require a stern tie up, our first. Although a fairly common mooring technique in Europe it's relatively rare in Australia.

A tricky, heart-stopping manoeuvre for the uninitiated. Luckily, Ken, the harbour master was at the ready to take the lines that Bronwyn threw ashore.

Paddling Tinder Ashore - Kiama harbour was built to accommodate sailing ships. Some of the private mooring have installed a small drawbridge so they could access their boat. No such luck with the public mooring, wh had to paddle the tender ashore. 

Stingray - As long as I can remember stingrays have lived in the harbour.

Shell Harbour - disused loader. Years ago we went diving under the loader, lots of cuttlefish.

8 Week Old Puppy - Bronwyn could not resist the opportunity to pet thia 8 week old puppy. Look at the size of the feet, when fully grown it will be massive.

Panorama - On sunday we took mum for a drive. The hills around Kiama are amazing.

Pat James