Broken Bay to Port Hacking

One of the problems when heading south from Port Hacking is the difficulty in pulling together your plan B. This is particularly relevant for a new vessel, where an unexpected gear failure can quickly turn your day upside down.  

We decided to avoid night sailing and broke the journey into three smaller day legs, Broken Bay to Port Hacking, Port Hacking to Shell Harbour and finally Shell Harbour to Kiama. 

After a twelve hour sail, we arrived at a Port Hacking a bit tired and stressed. Would we be able to find a mooring?  We found the moorings ok; they were right where the charts said they would be and best of all they were empty. Despite this we decided to give them a miss and drop anchor further offshore in four meters of water, (still paranoid about something going wrong). 



Stopping at port hacking also enabled us to catch up with my twin sister Jenny. She was our first overnight guest, and I think she enjoyed the adventure of taking the tender out to our anchorage and getting a glimpse of life onboard.

Pat James