Lake Macquarie

Caught up with Kev and Jodie last night. It’s always good a hoot. Although Jodie lives in a different more blingy world than me, she is such good fun and Kev is just someone I admire so much.

Poor Stella, or was that poo Stella. She was covered from bow to stern in three different colours of bird poo. We spent the best part of the next two days scrubbing her down. 

Looks like a million stars but stinks to high heaven

Bronwyn hard at work like usual


We pinched this photo, we are way too caught up in the moment to take photos.

Sailing under the drawbridge came with all of its attend stress. We had timed it for slack tide, so I thought it might have been easier this time, but the current always seems to rush through, and the sides of the mast spreaders seem so close to the top of the bridge. 

Bronwyn and I joke that the reason Lake Macquarie has such an active sailing community is that just like The Eagles song “you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave”.

Pat James