Sailing Stella Australis

adventure of a life time

sail to lord howe island

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Departs Brisbane Friday 29 June Return Saturday 14 July 2018


Lord Howe Island is ranked #1 in the list of the top 25 islands in the world. You're invited to Join Pat and Bronwyn onboard Stella Australis as they set sail on the first leg of their Global Sailing Adventure.



Although you need to be ready to depart on the 29th our actual departure may be delayed a day or two to avoid bad weather.  Similarly, we may leave the island early to take advantage of favourable wind and sea conditions. Although we aim to give you five to seven days on Lord Howe Island, the safety of the crew and vessel are of paramount importance to us and take precedence over island time.

If conditions are favourable, we will also visit Balls Pyramid and Elizabeth or Middleton Reef as part of the journey. Woohoo


Sailing Experience

No prior sailing experience is required; Bronwyn and I will provide practical and theoretical training designed to make your trip an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. All we ask is that you undertake a couple of hours of pre-work so that you can tie basic knots and are familiar with the names of various parts of a yacht.


Safety Equipment

We will provide you with a life jacket and harness; also, Stella is fitted with all the necessary safety and medical kit commensurate with the demands of an offshore voyage.


What is my role?

As part of the crew, you need to be ready, willing and able to pitch in and help with all sailing and domestic duties. We also ask that you give us a hand with a general clean up once we arrive in back in Brisbane.


What do I need to bring?

In many respects, an offshore sailing voyage is like visiting the international space station. You will be living in close quarters to other human beings and once we leave there is no way off.  In this situation, the most important thing you can bring in equal measures is  your sense of humour and adventure.

Apart from that, you can bring one soft bag with personal effects.  You should include sailing gloves, sunglasses, a hat to protect from sunburn, a headlamp with red lights for night vision. You will also need some wet weather gear in case we hit some nasty weather. In Sydney, Decathlon sells affordable sailing gear. Alternatively, you can use good quality hiking gear. 



You will be asked to help cover basic voyage costs, including food, fuel and marine park fees on a pro rata basis. 



Partners are welcome to either join us on board for the sail or meet us once we arrive at Lord Howe.



Most of the time these trips are just great fun. However, Blue waters sailing is not without risks. Lord Howe Island is lies approximately 400Nm [700Km] due east of Port Macquarie or 600Nm south west of Brisbane. Once we start, we will sail day and night for three to four days to reach our final destination; At times it is sure to be both exhausting and exhilarating. Although extremely unlikely, vessels do sink and people can be injured, killed or lost at sea. 

That said, you're in good hands. Stella is an extremely robust and accomplished yacht equipped with up to date safety and medical equipment. Also, we will be sailing in Australian waters covered by AMSA. Finally, it may be reassuring to know that Bronwyn and I have complete this voyage on three previous occasions without incident.


First in Best Dressed

Numbers are strictly limited, 6 sailors max. If you are interested please email us at or call Pat on 042 305 1175 or Bronwyn 0402. Its first in best dressed.